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Class 8th-Science: Chapter 7-Conservation of Plants and Animals

” Why Conservation of plants and animals is important?”

Conservation of plants and animals is important because their conservation helps to build a heal thy ecosystem and it is necessary to maintain natural balance so plants and animals are very essintial for well-being and survival of mankind.

7.1 Deforestation and its causes

Deforestation means cutting of forests and using that land for other purposes.

Causes of Deforestation are:-

(i) Land for cultivation.

(ii) Building houses and factories.

(iii) Making furnitures from wood.

Some natural causes of Deforestation are:-

(i) forest fires.

(ii) severe Droughts

7.2 Consequence of Deforestation

Deforestation has many harmful consequences:-

(i) It increases temperature of earth.

(ii) increases pollution level.

(iii) increases level of CO2 in atmosphere.

(iv) Due to it level of ground water gets lowered.

(v) Many useful medicinal plants get vanished with Deforestation.

(vi) Rainfall Decreases.

(vii) Furtility of soil Decreases.

(viii) Chances of floods and droughts increases.


It is the slow process of conversion of furtile land into Desert.

Desertification increases due to Deforestation because properties of soil like nutrient content, texture of soil etc. Changes due to Deforestation.

7.3 Conservation of Forest and Wildlife

To protect forests and wildlife some protected areas are made by government. These protected areas are wildlife sanctuaries, national parka and biosphere reserves etc.

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